Sand Casting

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  • Sand Casting Iron Handwheel

    Sand Casting Iron Handwheel

    We provide many kinds of grey iron sand casting parts to our customers. This 8 inch hand wheel is produced by sand casting process, material is grey iron 250, surface finish is clean+deburr and anti-rust oil. This hand wheel is providing to one of our US customer, it is used...Read More

  • Iron Fireplace Connecting Pipe

    Iron Fireplace Connecting Pipe

    This iron fireplace connecting pipe is produced by sand casting. And it is used for the connecting between the fireplace and chimney. The material is HT200, weight is 1.1kg and the surface is coated with heat-resistant painting. As you see, this iron fireplace connecting pipe...Read More

  • Aluminum Sand Casting Pipe Elbow

    Aluminum Sand Casting Pipe Elbow

    We provide many kinds of aluminum sand casting pipe elbow to different customers in North America and Europe. The material for sand casting could be Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Malleable Iron and Aluminum. This aluminum sand casting pipe elbow is produced by Zl101 material,...Read More

  • Sand Casting Aluminum Housing

    Sand Casting Aluminum Housing

    Sand casting is relatively cheap, so iron casting and aluminum sand casting products are widely used for many kinds of fields, such as heavy machinery, agriculture, construction, and industry. Our aluminum sand casting monotube is used as industrial spare part. The material...Read More

  • Steel Sand Casting Pump

    Steel Sand Casting Pump

    There are many alloy steel sand casting product used as machine parts. One of our customers in Germany is in the business of OEM machine parts. This Steel sand casting Pump is one of our projects, the material is QT450, and unit weight is 15.75kg. Sand casting tolerance is...Read More

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