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Quality is our first top priority at Qingdao Surely Machinery Co.,Ltd.When you place first order with us, you will very quickly grasp that quality is what separates us from other competitor supplier in China.We will strive to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations. We can provide on-time delivery of defect-free castings, forgings, cnc machining parts, stamping fabrication parts, metal spinning parts.We continuously innovate and conduct ourselves as a highly trustworthy specialized supplier. continuous improvement is placed on teamwork, education, training, and prevention-oriented techniques across all possible aspects of our company operations.We highly value the creative and hard work of all our team members.

Supplier Management

As an engineer, Our General Manager Mr.Howald Qian always put great emphasis on QC and Supplier management. We have strict evaluation system for our suppliers from paper work to factory inspection before order; all of them need to be ISO9001 or TS16949 certificate.  At the end of each year we will evaluate our suppliers by grade for quality, delivery time, and cooperation.  Complete quality control system. First/Final piece, Random test, final test. We have 2-3 suppliers for each technology process .(Emergency choice and competition improvements)



As an ISO 9001 certified company cooperating with ISO and TS certified suppliers, our customers are all relying on us to deliver first class quality products. We are familiar with standard operating procedure for all customers incorporates the automotive PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) quality system for part qualification.Our in-house quality department technicians make sure that every lot of parts to ensure it meets our customers' highest standards and expectations.

Our Engineering services includes: Conceptual design, Rapid Prototyping, FIMA, APQP, part production with PPAP, 3D model analysis, independent warehouse QC and QA and a traceable product data management to meet AQL requirement.

All our operations are strictly compliant with ISO 9001: 2008 guidelines and VDA five quality management tools. PDM, MRP, automated investment casting lines, CNC machining, CMM inspection, along with spectrometers and MT testing equipment all contribute to precision, reliability and better QA



We carry out a rigid quality control plan to inspect and verify every lot. Our in-house quality Inspection professionals maintain the highest standards of training and education. Every shipment that comes into our warehouse is segregated until all material and dimensional inspections have been carried out and certified.

We can offer our customers the following reports: First-Article Inspection Reports according to EN10204 3.1 form, SPC Data, PPAP Reports and Final Inspection reports. We also have ERP system database with a full set of quality records for immediate retrieval use when required by customer.

Our in-house inspection capabilities include Dimensional inspections using our state of the art CMM, (3D coordinate measuring machine), hardness testing, thread gauging, digital calipers & micrometers, lot traceability, process capability studies, gauge R&R studies and inspection accuracy to 0.001mm. Our Calibration Program ensures that our metrology is functioning properly and kept in compliance both in-house and at our global customers.

We outsourced outside test labs performing the test such as Physical Property Test, Destructive & Non-Destructive Test, X-Ray and Metallurgical Analysis, Corrosion Resistance (salt spray) testing of coatings, and any other test required by our consumers.

Below is our Inspection methods:

Tensile strength testing

Tensile testing

Chemical Inspection

Chemical testing

CMM inspection

CMM inspection

Microstructure Analysis

Hardness testing

Microstructure photo

Microstructure analysis


MPI Testing

Spectrum analysis

Spectrum analysis