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Development Trend Of Sand-casting
- Sep 15, 2016 -

Foundry industry more than 80% of the products are sand-casting completed, so we usually talk about casting is generally referred to as sand casting, that is, sand-type casting. "85" during the foundry by the original mechanical and Electrical department attaches great importance to the largest since the founding of the first special technical reform loans and research costs, to support the foundry machinery industry product development and development.

"The manufacture of large shot blasting machine", "Vertical parting type no box injection molding machine", "The development of water glass sand recycling equipment", "metal casting equipment" and so on have been developed and applied successively.

"95" period, the foundry industry to undertake and set up the completion of the "car casting blank refinement of high-efficiency modeling and clean up complete sets of technology and equipment" task, "cylinder block high-efficiency continuous shot blast cleaning line development and development" has also been a successful, 1999 completed the national high-level gas punch Molding line project success. During the "XV" period, the major economic indicators of the foundry industry increased by more than 30% per annum, higher than the average growth level of machine tool industry, especially profit growth faster, annual profit growth of up to 46%, while also maintaining a high level of market sales. In addition, the resin sand casting complete sets of equipment, basically can meet the domestic market demand, changed the past mainly rely on imports of the situation, has been able to produce a higher level of casting automatic production lines, to achieve a partial replacement of the level of imports, partly to solve the car engine block, cylinder head and other casting blanks also to import situation , high-level automatic core machine, automatic casting cleaning machine, automatic sand processor, large-scale automatic die-casting machine and precision casting equipment and other foundry machinery, the domestic basically can manufacture.

It should be said that "XV" during the foundry machinery industry, the product level has been greatly improved for the future development of China foundry machinery industry to lay a good foundation. During the "Eleven-Five-year" period, the foundry industry will continue to grow at a high rate, spurred by huge market demand.

As the technical level of foundry machinery products still has a large gap with the market demand, so that the development of the industry has a huge potential for development and expansion of space for the rapid growth of foundry machinery industry to bring opportunities. "Twelve-Five" period, the whole foundry industry in particular in the casting process and new materials to make efforts, the price of casting materials remain high, the need for precision casting industry must and rapid development of new alternative low-priced materials; Downstream customer requirements continue to improve, driving us to improve the level of technology , human resources costs continue to rise, we must in the precision casting equipment more efforts, more development, more investment!

For example, China Foundry Authority China Foundry Association and the International Casting industry Consulting network unanimously recommended new materials for precision casting special corundum and Taiwan's foundry hand robot, are the next step in the direction of precision casting.

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