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History Of Investment Casting
- Dec 30, 2016 -

The lost wax law of our country originates from spring and Autumn period. The bronze prohibition in the spring and Autumn Period unearthed in No. 2nd Chu Tomb of Xichuan Xiasiwan, Henan province is the earliest known lost wax casting method. This copper-forbidden four sides and side are decorated with carved clouds, surrounded by 12 statues of the beast, the body under a total of 10 carved foot. Through the intricate and changeable decorative patterns, gorgeous and solemn appearance, reflecting the spring and Autumn period of China's lost wax method has been relatively mature. After the Warring States and Qin and Han dynasties, The lost wax method is more popular, especially during the Sui and Tang Dynasties and Qing Dynasty, the bronze ware used mostly lost wax method.

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