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the all-purpose metal forming method: Metal Spinning
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Metal spinning is all-purpose method of metal forming. With the addition of stamping and deep drawing, Qingdao Surely machinery has the capabilities to meet difficult design challenges from a wide variety of industries.  Our services are catering to the following industries and applications, such as Defense, Aerospace Agricultural, Air movement & HVAC, Power generation, Food service, Lighting, Medical, Petrochemical, Construction, Heavy equipment, automobile and Railway industries.

In addition to metal spinning, stamping and deep drawing, we are able to offer our customers a wide variety of production process which include Assembly, Annealing, Welding, Cylinder forming, Heavy shearing, Machining, Prototype development.

Our Common metal spinning materials are as follows:



Cold rolled steel

Hot rolled steel

Stainless steel 

Our sizes in material and diameters:

Aluminum: 0.5mm-10mm, iron or steel: 0.5mm-6mm, brass: 0.5-8mm;

-Maximum spinning diameter: 1800 millimeters.

WE can supply clients who manufacture the following parts such as Aerospace Parts, Architectural Domes, Bellmouth Rings, Brewery & Chemical Equipment, Cameras Housing, Clock Faces and frames, Cooking Vessels, Cowl, Cymbals, Dished Ends, Drums & Cylinders, Fans, Filter Housings, Funnels, Floats, Gas Tubes & Burners, Hemispheres, Hoppers, Lighting Reflectors, Nose Cones, Pipe Reducing, Silencer Parts, Swaging, Flaring, Table Tops & Bases, Tanks Ends, Venturis, Waste Bins, and Cremation urn or caskets.

 The Benefits of metal spinning production process are as follows:

 -Short Turnaround: Compared to other metal forming processes, metal spinning has a much shorter turnaround on tooling and samples or prototypes. Normally we will need 2-3 weeks to produce the tooling and samples. 

-Lower Tooling Cost: Due to the tool design simplicity, tooling cost is much lower compared with other manufacturing processes like casting or forging process.

 -Flexibility in Tooling: Depending on order quantity, tolerance, and application of the parts, tooling material options can vary from aluminum, tool steel, engineered plastics, to wood.


-Ease of Design Changes: Changes in part design can be made through changes in the tooling, particularly if the change is a reduction in diameters or sizes.

-Small to Large order volume: We have Manual or semi-automated equipment which can handle small volume order. For the parts which required tight tolerances, we will produce them on our automated CNC spinning equipment.

-Multiple-Process Production: Metal spinning can be combined with other processes such as deep drawing, rolling, and welding to manufacture more challenging designs

-Improved Metallurgy structures: Metal Spinning improves the metallurgy by realigning the grain structure of the metal material. Tensile strength is improved allowing lighter gauge material to be used in the same application.

Our production process include: Shearing, metal spinning, machining, Trimming, drawing or punching, welding and inspection.

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