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Casting Casting Made Of Investment Mold
- Mar 23, 2018 -

In this way, the Bronze ware has no trace of the mark, and no gasket marks, it is better to cast hollow utensils. China's traditional investment casting technology has a great influence on the metallurgical development of the world. The investment precision casting of modern industry is from the traditional lost wax method. Although they are very different in terms of wax material, molding, molding materials, process methods, etc., they are of the same process principle. In the middle of the 40 's, American engineer Austin founded the modern investment casting technology named after him, which was inspired by the traditional Chinese lost wax method.

The 1955 Austin Lab proposed the first clarification of the lost wax method, and Japanese scholar Deer took a male objection to the fact that the lost wax method was used in Chinese and Japanese history, and finally won the victory.

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